Women Are Werewolves is a card-based story game in which players take on the roles of non-binary characters who belong to a family in which only the women transform into werewolves. Throughout the game, characters explore their relationships to gendered spaces and family traditions. They also explore their relationships to their queer and non-queer family members. At its heart, this is a game about discovering your boundaries and whether you can find, or make, a space for your authentic self within a family that might not understand you.

The game uses an exaggerated gender binary to explore the various ways people can fall outside of it. This is a queer game. You do not need to be queer to play it, but we hope that all players will use this game to help reflect on their relationship to their own gender.

Women are Werewolves is a storytelling game in which players draw and answer questions on prompt cards. The game is divided into phases and interludes. Each phase focuses on a different category of prompts. The three categories are: Werewolf, Gender, and Family. During each phase, each player will have a turn to answer one prompt card and other players at the table ask follow up questions to deepen their response. During interludes, each player takes a turn answering the same prompt.



A Game by Corinne Taylor & Clio Yun-su Davis