Savage Sisters

A TTRPG of women making a difference in a barbaric world.

Does your heart beat faster at the mention of Xena: Warrior Princess, Red Sonja, or the venerable Jirel of Jorey? Do you long for tales of mighty women facing insurmountable odds? Become a part of that story with us in Savage Sisters, an IGDN Indie Groundbreaker nominee for Best Rules!

Each Savage Sister is a legendary character of the Sodal’s past that we are sharing tales of, told across a roaring fire on some far future night. You will choose your Lar, the animal spirit who watches over your sisterhood. And you will take up the weapon that fits your style of battle.

In Savage Sisters, each player takes turns leading one story of a past legendary sisters, while the others roleplay as characters in that story. No prep is necessary, because each game of Savage Sisters is collectively imagined by the players. The game will help your group outline and create everything you need to know to craft a powerful story.


Savage Sisters