REBEL SCUM is a cinematic RPG about a WAR IN THE STARS  inspired by a deep love of old school action figures and of punching Nazis in the face. 


Created with the award-winning polymorph rules, REBEL SCUM is a fast paced, feel good, space opera adventure game about rebellion against a callous and evil government.

In this RPG ZINE, the characters are all expressed as ACTION FIGURES - with their pertinent stats and abilities "on the back of the card".

There are five CHARACTER ASPECTS - The Ronin, The Revolutionary, The Rogue, The Renegade, and The Robot.  

The game rewards you with STARS when you punch Nazis in the face, and you can use those Stars to do cinematic things in the game (like bullseye a ratwomp, swing across a chasm, cut off an annoying creeper’s arm in a bar).

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