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Venture Society Now Live on Kickstarter!

Back this all-ages roleplaying game focused on Social Emotional Learning (SEL)!

Venture Society launched on Kickstarter Tuesday, September 13, 2022, and we're very excited to bring this non-violent roleplaying title to roleplaying families everywhere! This is also our our ๐ŸŽ‰ 20th crowdfunding project ๐ŸŽ‰ after 19 previous successfully funded campaigns. Definitely something to celebrate!

About Venture Society

Venture Society is an all-ages, non-violent roleplaying game focusing on building skills related to personal strengths, emotional wellness, social awareness, and communication while having a fun experience. Parents and professionals (therapists, teachers, etc.) can use Venture Society as a fun activity that will also build the child's Social Emotional Learning skills.

In this world of animals, the regions used to be at war with each other. Thankfully brave animals from each region united for peace and formed the Venture Society. The Venture Society is a world wide organization dedicated to helping others and encouraging harmony with your fellow animals, and you're invited to join.

Since the in-game principles of The Venture Society are pulled from Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) skill areas, players are rewarded for using these skills during adventures. The four areas focused on are communication, emotional wellness, social awareness, and personal strengths.

Communication: Examples include following directions & finding solutions

Emotional Wellness: Examples include self-control & calm down strategies

Social Awareness: Examples include listening, empathy, & peer pressure

Personal Strengths: Examples include setting goals & recognizing consequences

Running Venture Society for Children

Venture Society is easy to run and play. This is especially important when playing with children with a tendency to lose focus or get distracted.

Character creation takes only 5 minutes and Venture Society comes with over 20 pre-written adventures. Play can start IMMEDIATELY by using the pre-generated characters and a pre-written adventure. This is a rare thing for roleplaying games as preparation is sometimes the main barrier to entry.

Key features of Venture Society gameplay:

  • Short adventures that run between 30-45 minutes

  • Over 20 pre-written adventures making preparation very low

  • The focus is on communication and solutions over combat

  • No math! Roll against a chart of numbers

  • More narrative with focus on the playerโ€™s imagination

Product Offerings

The Venture Society Roleplaying Game Kickstarter campaign includes these items:

  • Venture Society RPG Box Set: Complete with dice, dry erase character sheets & markers, standing adventure book, card deck, & tokens.

  • Venture Society RPG Guidebook

  • Professional Guidebook for therapists and teachers

  • Learn to Run Venture Society class from creators

  • Digital only and retailer levels

Venture Society is expected to deliver by September 2023 and will be released into retail distribution soon after.

Support this beautiful roleplaying game designed by play therapists and educators! Back now:

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