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REBEL SCUM is Going to Print!

A cinematic TTRPG about a "war in the stars" inspired by a deep love of old school action figures and of punching Nazis in the face. REBEL SCUM tells the story of how scrappy, anti-fascist heroes can fight back against a government with unlimited giant lasers and space magic. Inspired by a love for a certain line of 3 and 3/4 inch action figures, this is a fast paced, feel good, space opera of rebellion and adventure. We are incredibly excited to say that the REBEL SCUM team has just put the final flourishes on this #ZineQuest3 smash hit that funded in LITERALLY 15 MINUTES after it went live on Kickstarter. The proof is off to the printer. Single zine backers will be receiving copies very soon!

REBEL SCUM is the game for any TTRPG world lefty who needs some one-shot catharsis after reading up on political bad news. This polymorph RPG rewards you with Stars when you punch Nazis in the face, and you can use those Stars to take cinematic action. Bullseye a ratwomp! Swing across a chasm! Cut off a creeper’s arm in a bar! Oh, and while you're doing it, pretend that you're an action figure, and don't forget to go "Pew pew pew!"

If you didn't back during the Kickstarter campaign, the good news is you can still pre-order. If you Late Pledge before we get print copies, we'll include you in fulfilment! Get your hands on this badass zine in its first print run and venture out into a galaxy full of rebellion, adventure, and a certain line of 3 and 3/4 inch action figures.

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