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Here Come the Very Good Dogs of Chernobyl 🐶

A modern, occult horror TTRPG of telepathic dogs protecting the world from Lovecraftian Evils in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. The Very Good Dogs of Chernobyl is set in the years following 1986, when a meltdown in reactor 4 at the Vladimir Ilyich Lenin Nuclear Power Plant in Soviet Ukraine occurred. This event punched a hole in reality, allowing creatures of darkness and madness to escape into out world.

The tragedy that befell Pripyat, the town built to house the families of the workers at the power plant, is well known. Lesser understood is what happened to those left behind. Forced to flee, the residents of Pripyat abandoned their lives, their homes, and even their loyal family dogs. Only those pets that took to the woods survived the purge of the army, and the flames of the reclamators.

Now, time has passed. Humans call the area around the power plant The Exclusion Zone, a forbidden area where only scientists and madmen enter. But to you, and your pack, this place is your whole world. A world populated with wild animals and beings of dark power. A world that you, and the other Very Good Dogs in your pack, must protect.

The Very Good Dogs of Chernobyl is a game for dog lovers and fans of occult horror alike. Witchy canine powers, creepy beings and mystifying underground mineshafts abound in this roleplaying game of melancholy survival in a dark and twisted world. Designed using the polymorph system, this is the perfect TTRPG for a moody one-shot on a dark and rainy October night.

This evocative RPG massively outperformed its original #ZineQuest3 goal on Kickstarter, and we were very excited to see it go into production. Print copies will be in the hands of backers very soon—this is a LIMITED EDITION RUN, so if you're interested in getting your hands on a print copy, preorder now because these zines are not going to last!

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