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An AWESOME Designer Interview!

We caught up with Adriel Lee Wilson, the creator of Awesome World, for a chat about his design inspirations and the future of cartoon roleplaying.

So...what's your Realm and Crown?

Much like Trash Princess, my realm is creative re-use. I love taking things apart and making new things out of them.

Just what makes Awesome World so awesome?

In Awesome World anything is possible. Because it’s a cartoon style setting anything I can imagine can exist, like a candy forest or birds driving cars and drag racing. I intentionally designed Awesome World to be a mostly positive place, so the conflicts players encounter should be silly and engaging.

Who did you design Awesome World for?

Myself as a younger gamer. I wanted to create a world that encourages problem solving without violence. I wanted to create a place where emotional conflicts have the same, if not more, weight than physical ones.

What's unique about the most recently published Awesome World title, Horseshoe Academy?

Horseshoe Academy is so good! friendship bracelet mechanic is a really sweet way for players to come to each other’s aid. And everyone is a horse! Who doesn’t want to play a cool, magical horse?!

What will players love about the forthcoming Awesome World title, Nancy Druid?

I hope that they will love my favorite part which is the Sun/Moon mechanic. It lets players choose to have a Best Beast Friend or transform into the animal that gives their Troop its name and inspiration.

What's in store for Awesome World next?

You’ll just have to wait and…. Sea. ;)


All existing Awesome World products are on sale through May 5! Shop cartoon joy and build your collection before new titles drop later this year.

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