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9th Level Games Does #Dungeon23

A year-long megadungeon-making project

Sean McCoy of Tuesday Knight Games accidentally set off an avalanche across a thousand megadungeons with this tweet:

In-house at 9th Level Games, Chris and Trick were both immediately into the idea—and of course, turned in different directions and marched away. Over the next year, Chris and Trick are both going to do this challenge-like activity. Both have different creative processes, goals, and very different neurochemistries, so this should be interesting.

Chris went out and bought a yellow graph paper notebook. New task, fresh new pages. He is already thinking about it as a record of an ill-fated dungeon expedition of the fabled Guild of Black and Gold from the City of Skull. A treasure brought back by an explorer showing the location of an as-yet-unknown maze from the time of the wicked ilf witch kings, and the notes of their adventure and a map—deep into the underworld of the waste. Chris promises there will be spiders. There may be TikToks? He does plan to do everything in pencil and then “ink” it when it's good.

Meanwhile, Trick upgraded his personal DungeonScrawl account, fired up Nebo on his iPad, and started sketching out a room with a theme...someone has been here already. That led to the idea of theming each week of rooms. They won't all contain Treasure, they won't all contain Traps, and they won't all contain Hazards, but some will definitely have all three. He is going to maintain an expanding catalogue of Hazards, Edges, and Notes to the Maze Controller so that by the end of the year he will have a library of Mazes to sprinkle around a curious and strange world.

And so, 9th Level Games is going to keep you all up to date with their musings and ramblings on this massive project throughout the year. Follow us on social media—we're on Twitter, Instagram, and Tiktok—for photos, designer diaries, videos and more.

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