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9LG @ Gen Con 2022

Tons of games, RPGs at IPR, and a super secret quest!

We're very excited to be heading to Gen Con this week! We'll be there August 4-7, and running a ton of games, including Mazes Fantasy Roleplaying, Schrodinger's Cats, Pavlov's Dogs, and Meeple Party.

See all events here:

If you'd like to pick up any of our RPG titles, head over to the Indie Press Revolution Booth, #2447. They'll have the following titles on hand while supplies last — grab yours early if you're looking for something in particular!

  • Business Wizards

  • Kobolds Ate My Baby! In Colour!

  • Mazes Fantasy Roleplaying

  • Rebel Scum

  • Savage Sisters

  • The Excellents

  • The Very Good Dogs of Chernobyl

Plus, a SUPER SECRET QUEST: If you can find the map attached to the cursed skull it will lead you to a treasure! Do you dare open the door to adventure?

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