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9LG @ ECCC 2022

We're West Coast bound, with games and RPGs in tow!

Hey, West Coast friends! We're very stoked to be making our way from our hometown of Philadelphia, PA all the way to Seattle, WA to connect with the nerd world of the Pacific Northwest and introduce you to our board games and RPGs!

We'll be there August 18-21, and bringing the full complement of our published TTRPG zines, including:

Plus, pet-loving board gamers can pick up copies of our board games Pavlov's Dogs and Schrodinger's Cats... and of course we're bringing Meeple Party!

Come see us at Booth #2117, where you can also hear from us about new and upcoming games, including:

Women are Werewolves

Women are Werewolves puts players in the role of nonbinary characters who belong to a family in which only the women transform into werewolves. Characters explore their relationships to gendered spaces, traditions, and queer and non-queer family members. Can you find, or make, a space for your authentic self within a family that might not understand you?

Venture Society

In this world of talking animals, the regions used to be at war. Thankfully, brave citizens formed the Venture Society and brought peace across the land. Now Venture Society is a worldwide club dedicated to encouraging harmony with fellow animals! This kid-friendly RPG features simple gameplay & fun hands-on activities that parents will enjoy too.

Horseshoe Academy

The fall semester is starting, and you’re a bright horse who’s left home to attend Horseshoe Academy. This castle-like institute at the edge of Hippolonia is where you’ll learn magic, make friends, and find your place in Awesome World. This light RPG is compatible with all of our titles set in Awesome world, including The Excellents and Nancy Druid.

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