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9LG at PAX Unplugged 2021

9th Level Games will once again be exhibiting at PAX Unplugged in 2021. Since we hail from the Philadelphia area, this is the show where we go big! We'll be at Booth 2614, plus we have a dedicated demo table in the RPG Library and we're running a special event Friday night!


At the booth (#2614) we'll be spotlighting new polymorph RPGs: Rebel Scum, Business Wizards, The Very Good Dogs of Chernobyl, and Savage Sisters. You can even create a polymorph RPG character to take home in just minutes!

If you're more of a board gamer, you'll want to see the new Pavlov's Dogs in action! We'll be showing off quick demos at the booth along with Schrodinger's Cats and Meeple Party!

RPG Demos

We will also have a 9th Level Games dedicated demo table in the RPG Space in Room 108, which is the RPG Library. Demos of our roleplaying games will happen every 2 hours from 10am to 10pm on Friday and Saturday and from 10am to 4pm on Sunday. You can just show up or stop by the demo table or booth to sign up for a session!


Friday 12/10

10am The Excellents

12pm MAZES

2pm The Very Good Dogs of Chernobyl


6pm Kobolds Ate My Baby

8pm Rebel Scum

Saturday 12/11

10am Women are Werewolves

12pm MAZES 2pm The Very Good Dogs of Chernobyl 4pm Kobolds Ate My Baby 6pm Rebel Scum 8pm MAZES

Sunday 12/12

10am Business Wizards 12pm MAZES

2pm Savage Sisters 4pm The Excellents

Special Events

Friday December 10th at 7:30 - 9:30pm in the Learn & Play Room we are hosting INSTANT RPG. This is an improv RPG session where THE AUDIENCE will help create the actual game being played. A team of content creators, game designers, artists, and at least one puppet will play an adventure in the world of a game that is being designed around them as they play – a game designed by the crowd at PAXU, along with polymorph RPG system creator Chris O’Neill. Chaos, jokes, and an awesome role-playing game guaranteed.

And lastly, for those fans who missed out on grabbing a copy of LEVEL 1 on Free RPG Day, we'll be giving out a free copy with every purchase at our booth!

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