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2023 Level 1 Anthology Contributors Announced

Fifteen new independent TTRPGs to publish on Free RPG Day this year

After reviewing an onslaught of exciting submissions this year, we've finally narrowed it down to the 15 games that will run in the 2023 Level 1 Anthology. These games are all connected with this year's theme, Endings & Apocalypses, in some way — and they'll be published in a print anthology on Free RPG Day this year.

Congratulations to these talented designers, whose work represents the best of what independent tabletop roleplaying games have to offer:

Dear Marley – Brigitte Winter

Filling an Empty Breath – Dustin Patrick Winter

A Necessary Miracle – Gabrielle Rabinowitz

An Epic Ending – Helena Real

Are You Lost, Traveller – Holly Black

Daiquiris and Drunk Girls – KJ and CJ Lappin

Rainbow Bridge – M. Belanger


Atop the Burning Heap – Midsummer Meinberg

Adventurer's Respite – Nat Mesnard

Labyrinth – Noah Lemelson

live without warning – Rue Dickey

Hauntrification – Sylvia Gimenez

ARC: A Game About The End – Zak Eidsvoog and Ian Rickett

Just to give you a little preview, these games include themes and experiences such as exploring an Abandonware MMO, lamenting Mighty Heroes, getting lost in Labyrinths, reprising the Last Day of School, moving into houses as Ghosts, ruminating on the deaths of great heroes, the death of a chatroom, and of course the deaths of beloved pets. And many more.

To enjoy these great games, head to your local game store on June 17, 2023 and ask for the Level 1 Anthology. If you can't get your hands on a copy, don't worry. We usually stock them at cons like PAX Unplugged — or you can grab a free digital copy of your own beginning July 17!

A resounding thank you to all who submitted games this year. If your game wasn't chosen, don't be discouraged. Space in the anthology is limited, and we would welcome another chance to review your work for 2024. Plus, first-time designers, consider sending us your work! The Anthology is a great place to place your first publication in tabletop games:

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