POLYMORPH - Change Your Game


Polymorph isn't an RPG, it's an RPG platform. It’s a not a universal rules engine, or even a game in itself. Polymorph is a construction set, a tool kit, and assets, that gives you everything that you need to build your own RPGs! Polymorph eliminates complex systems and esoteric rules in favor of an elegantly simple yet satisfying core rule – you always roll the same die to see what happens.


Polymorph builds on the past with its eyes to the future – creating a game system that is the same whether you are playing it at the table, playing it online, or watching others play via streaming.


Polymorph RPGs are modern, rules-lite games designed to allow for strong, narrative game play. Each Polymorph game is built using the same “you always roll your die” mechanics – but with a specific game built to emulate and deliver the right experience for that game.


At its core, Polymorph provides a framework for resolving actions, creating interesting characters that have mechanical differences, and provides a structure for building up and emulating group stories. Each Polymorph Game brings to it some specific layers that are important for emulating that story shape, for telling that kind of story.




MAZES (Available Now) – Dangerous and deadly delving in dark dungeons!  A thoroughly modern take on the original RPG of dragons, dice, and dungeons!  AVAILABLE in limited edition ZINE format for a limited time.


THE EXCELLENTS (Available Now) – You and your friends are Excellent Princesses, the most amazing people in the world – each gifted with a crown, a sword, and a pet to help them defend Awesome World.  Did we mention that you are in band? 4x6 Full Color Rulebook.


GOOD DOGS (2020) – A pack of intelligent, telepathic dogs fight Lovecraftian horrors within the dangerous Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. You and your loyal pack have survived, and now you need to defend everyone in a game of radioactive survival horror.


FAST CARS & FIREBALLS (2020) – Dragons rule the skies, and we rule the streets! A game of wizards and wild creatures racing fast cars and pulling off fast and furious schemes – to try and get their hands on some of that dragon gold.


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