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Pigeon's Eleven

Be birds. Do crimes. A bird heist roleplaying game powered by polymorph.

Pigeon's Eleven is a fast, narrative heist game where birds do crimes.

You may have a beak and feathers, but you are also a professional who can pick locks, counterfeit credentials, and pull jobs. Plan insane heists as pigeons, crows, sparrows, and peacocks who'll do anything to acquire a few crumbs of bread.



"Getting robbed by a bunch of birds is never high on somebody’s to-do list, but if you hang around long enough in this town, it becomes an inevitability. Oh, they’ll trick ya. They got mummer’s trunks full of little costumes. No warmth in the eyes. Just blank, unassuming stares. Half the time you don’t even REALIZE they’re birds until a fake mustache slips off and you think, hey this guy is kinda short and feathery… and BOOM - that dirty bird is flappin’ his way out the window. He GOTCHA."

~Old Carl, Crime Coach (retired) & Bird Hater (forever)

Lucky for birds, nobody believes Old Carl when he raves about the time a bunch of sparrows made off with his priceless Fabergé egg and a food truck full of waffles. But he’s right; sooner or later, birds are gonna get you.

Designed and written in collaboration with Arbitrio Games, Pigeon's Eleven is a gonzo one-shot TTRPG that casts you and your friends as these feathered criminals! Get ready to plan some insane heists to acquire a few crumbs of bread.

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