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Gaming Days, LLC and 9th Level Games announce their partnership on a new product for Free RPG Day 2020, Level 1.


Philadelphia, PA: Today, 9th Level Games, an independent game publisher, and Gaming Days, LLC, a new company founded by Paul Alexander Butler, Steve Ellis and Travis Severance to advance and increase the reach of Free RPG Day and bring new gaming holidays to the calendar, announced their partnership on a new anthology product for Free RPG 2020, Level 1.


Level 1 will be an anthology of all new role-playing games, never before seen adventures, and quick start rules for existing games, that includes information for retailers on how to stock products from the included designers and publishers, making it easy for stores and customers to get the games they learn about at Free RPG Day 2020.


Level 1 will also include full-page advertisements and support sponsors, who’s listings will also include ways to stock their products for retailers. To inquire about rates contact 9th Level Games at contact@9thlevel.com.


9th Level Games recently celebrated the 20th anniversary of its first role-playing game, Kobolds Ate My Baby, and is expected to publish MAZES and The Excellents, two new RPGs using it’s Polymorph system, later this year.


Chris O’Neill of 9th Level Games has said, “We think role-playing games are for everyone and we’re excited to bring something new to the table! Something that will introduce independent designers and never before seen games to the steadily increasing RPG audience. We want to support the Friendly Local Gaming Stores that we love and give everyone more opportunities to find the perfect game for them!”


Paul Alexander Butler of Gaming Days added, “As we grow the scope and scale of Free RPG Day, we’ve been looking at new ways to increase the participation and visibility of independent RPG designers and publishers. Chris and the rest of the team at 9th Level have their fingers on the pulse of that community like few others, and we’re tremendously excited to be working with them to bring the Level 1 anthology to Free RPG Day stores.”


About Gaming Days, LLC:

Paul Alexander Butler is the owner of Games and Stuff in Glen Burnie, MD, co-creator of the Overlight RPG for Renegade Games, and has been an RPG jury member for The Academy of Gaming Arts and Design.


Steve Ellis is the owner of Rainy Day Games, a store outside Portland, OR, Vice President of Gaming for Oni Press, the co-designer of the award winning game The Tea Dragon Society Card Game and is a former jury foreman for the Academy of Gaming Arts and Design.


Travis Severance and Rob Harrington have owned Millennium Games in Rochester, NY for 12 years.  Travis served on the GAMA Retail board for 4 years and was a jury foreman for the Academy of Gaming Arts Design for 3 years. 


About 9th Level Games:

9th Level Games is a small indie game design and publishing house known for its unique blend of humor, playability, and willingness to try new things. Their most well-known games include the Kobolds Ate My Baby! RPG line, the Schrödinger’s Cats card game, the Knuckle Sammich card game, and the Cthulhu for President RPG.

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