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meeple party

MEEPLE PARTY is a co-operative board game of puzzle-solving strategy and party throwing insanity for 1-5 people! 


Tonight you are throwing a party with your roommates! You all have your own personality like the FLIRT, the JERK, the PARTY ANIMAL, the  WALLFLOWER and the COOL one.  And all the guest do too - every time a meeple enters a room their personality effects the room. The FLIRT pulls a meeple from an adjacent room, while a JERK pushes a meeple 2 rooms away.


You 'll need to work together by welcoming and mingling meeple to take photos of all the fun! However, when you throw THE party of the year word is bound to get out! Things could start spiraling out of control!!  DISASTER could strike at any moment!!!  SURPRISE GUESTS start showing up! Anything could happen!!! 


Roommates take STRESS ever time a DISASTER happens!  Oops...PARTY FOUL!?!?! Once all roommates are STRESSED OUT, the party ends! But if all the roommates can get through the party before stressing out, they WIN! 


Have fun and work together to make tonight the BEST PARTY EVER!  


A game by Heather O’Neill

Illustrated by James Stowe

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