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Mazes demo kit

An old school dungeon crawler in just 2 hours

Mazes Fantasy Roleplaying is a tabletop roleplaying game emulating the feel of classic sword & sorcery dungeon crawlers, but built on the blazingly fast, elegant rules system, polymorph™. 

This Mazes Demo Kit offers three levels of gear and goods with everything you need to play a 2 hour adventure hosted at your local store. It's perfect for weekend events, birthday parties, or a themed game night where players get excited about a new product.

Mazes Prize Support Kit

$0 - Mazes Digital Demo

Host a special event or an event series at your store

Give the digital adventure to players with purchase 

Encourage players to purchase Mazes products after they play

Includes: pre-generated character sheets, a simple adventure to fit into a 2 hour window, a dungeon map with 4 unique areas and 3 new hazards, and a custom Spotify playlist!

$69 - Mazes Prize Support Kit


Host an event for up to 12 players with 2 GMs

Order 2 kits to host a large event up to 24 players & 4 GMs

Use accessories as prizes or give polyhedral dice to each player as a party favor

Includes: 2 copies of Mazes Hardcover RPG, 2 each of Mazes GM screen, coin set & reference cards, and 3 sets of polyhedral Mazes dice (12 total).

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