LEVEL 1 – The Free RPG Day Official Anthology​

LEVEL 1 - volume 1 2020 was a great success! We are now accepting submissions for LEVEL 1 - volume 2 2021 for Free RPG Day 2021.

The success of Level 1 2020 showed us that there is a need in the industry for such a product to be produced every year.

Level 1 - volume 2 will have a theme running throughout the book. The theme is MASKS, which could be represented by many things. Examples include: Halloween costumes, uniforms, fancy dress, shapeshifters, illusions, mascots, helmets, veils,  and more!   **Deadline to submit extended to 1/31/2021

9th Level Games, working with Gaming Days, is assembling and producing an annual anthology of independent games called LEVEL 1. This anthology will highlight independent voices in the RPG community, and bring independent RPGs and their publishers and designers into the Free RPG experience - and to the attention of retailers. Level 1 is an officially endorsed, perfect bound book, featuring new role-playing games, RPG standalone adventures, 200word RPGs, and more!!

Our goal is to create an annual anthology that players will be excited to receive at Free RPG day - while creating a new channel to reach eager players and retailers. As independent RPG publishers we have had a hard time reaching stores interested in our products. Even with the recent explosion of interest in role-playing games, we still have a tough time reaching new customers who would be interested in our products but may even know that independent role-playing games exist.

For more information send an email to contact@9thlevel.com

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