What is Level 1?

The indie RPG scene is a diverse, fascinating, and vibrant part of the TTRPG community. With Level 1: The Indie RPG Anthology, 9th Level Games brings together choice games from the world of indie RPGs in an annual collection published in time for Free RPG Day. This is an officially endorsed, perfect bound book, featuring new role-playing games, RPG standalone adventures, 200 word RPGs, and more!

Write for Level 1

We are now open for submissions to the 2022 Level 1 anthology! All writers of independent RPGs are invited to submit their work for consideration to be included in Level 1.

Suggested submission length is 500-1500 words, however games of any length will be
considered for inclusion. Each designer(s) may submit as many games as they want, though
only one game per designer(s) will be selected for inclusion in the anthology.


Acceptances are typically announced in January. Contributors are compensated with 6 copies of Level 1 and a stipend of $50.

Advertise & Sponsor

Level 1 is an opportunity to reach beyond standard RPG advertising channels to a wider gamer base and show them there are more options available than just Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder. It's also a lower cost way to support Free RPG Day and get access to the event's existing player base. Consider advertising with us!

Here are some of the benefits of including your ad in the anthology:


  •  We print 15,000 copies of Level 1 for distribution in stores on Free RPG Day

  • Print and PDF versions continue to reach RPG lovers long after Free RPG Day is over

  • Exposure to game retailers that want to carry RPG products, and have RPG customers

  • We generously mention, tag, and build buzz about all of our advertisers/sponsors on social media the week of Free RPG Day

  • Logo inclusion on our website for sponsors 

  • You get 5 copies of the print anthology, and have the option to order more for giveaways


The deadline for submitting advertisements to Level 1 is December 31 of the preceding year, with final designs due in the following months. To learn more, please contact us directly and we will provide you with an ad sheet, prices, and any other information needed.

For Retailers

When you sign up for Free RPG Day, you put an event on your calendar that will pack your store with customers. Each Free RPG Day kit you purchases contains new & exclusive products to run the ultimate RPG Day at your business, with exclusive new adventures for RPGs to be played at your store and exciting giveaways for your customers.