LEVEL 1 – The Free RPG Day Official Anthology​

This is a brand new type of offering for Free RPG Day! 

Level 1 is annual RPG anthology series of Independent Role Playing games celebrating FREE RPG DAY! It's a book full of unique, short RPGs, created with passion by independent writers, designers, and  game companies. Play on!

On available through retailers for free on FREE RPG DAY.

The 2020 book includes 15 games from diverse, unique voices. 

Games List: 

After Ragnarok by Tyler Omichinski

At Least We Have Tonight by Matthew Orr

Bad Decisions by The Arbitrians

Bird Trek by Steffie de Vaan & Maarten Gilberts

Breaking Spirals by Colin Kyle

Clan of Two by Barak Blackburn & Ellie Hillis

Dice Friends by Tim Hutchings 

Graveyard Shift by Mids Meinberg

Hellevator by Ty Oden

Love is Stored in the Elbow by Corrine Taylor

Mesapotamians by Nick Wedig

Moose Trip by Kira Magrann

Savage Sisters by Adriel Lee Wilson

Sojourn by Oat & Noodle 

You are Algae by Graham Gentz