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9th Level's Hosted Online Play FAQ

How does it work? 

You will buy tickets to roleplaying sessions ran by our professional GAMEMASTERS via our Zoom. All materials will be provided via PDF prior to the event and our GMs will walk you through character creation at the start of the session. 

Hosted Online Play roleplaying games will require 2 players in order to proceed. As the scheduled date approaches and we see only 1 player we will work to fill the seat. If we are unable to fill the seat the registered player will be notified and can reschedule at no charge.

Conversely there is a maximum number of players allowed for each session. If you are trying to book more than the maximum number of seats please contact us.

What RPG's do you offer?

Our starting offering with be Kobolds Ate My Baby!, Mazes and The Excellents. However, we will continue to add games as they are released. There is also a monthly FIRST LOOK which is a FREE EVENT to check out some upcoming or in development RPG's from 9th Level.

Do I need a Zoom account?

No. You will be emailed a link to the Zoom in your confirmation email that will allow you into the session. 

What do I need in order to play?

Nothing! You probably want to have dice but if you do not have them, there is a built in dice roller in our Zoom application. You will be given any required paperwork prior to the game starting.

What if I never roleplayed before?

No problem! No experience needed.

Our professional GM's will walk you through the entire process from creating a character all the way through the adventure. Kids are 100% welcome as well.

What if I only want to play with my friends?

You have a few options. You could buy out a full event with your crowd and request a higher level adventure. Or you can email us directly to set up a private session or campaign at a convenient time for your group.

How long are the sessions?

Each hosted online play RPG is approximately 3 hours. This includes set up and explanation of the game, character creation and playing through the adventure with one planned break.   The Excellents is the shortest game offered so it could be closer to 2 or 2.5hours depending on the number of players. Mazes is the lengthiest game offered so we limit the seats to only 4 per session so each player has more impact on the adventure in the 3 hour time slot.

What if I booked and need to reschedule?

Email us directly and we can transfer your reservation.

What if I booked and need to cancel?

Cancellation policy: Cancellation request received 48hours or more prior to schedule game time will be refunded or reservation transferred to another time. Cancellations less than 48hours will not be refunded. Please email us directly for any questions or extenuating circumstances.

When is the schedule released?

Game schedule is typically up for 3 months out. At the start of each new month the calendar will update to show new offerings.

Are safety rules provided for each game?

Yes, a PDF of our safety rules is emailed to each registered player prior to scheduled game. The GM's also start each session reminding the group of all 9th Level Games' online policies including safety.

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