9th Level Games is now offering ONLINE GAMES run by  our professional Game Masters! Since we can’t gather at conventions, we’re bringing the convention RPG experience to your home! Play in professionally run roleplaying game experiences (without leaving your house)!

Are you looking for something fun to do on a Monday night? Do your friends always cancel out on game night? Are you sick of preparing and running your own game?  Well then, 9th Level's got your back!!

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Our Gamemasters

Bug is one of those Millennial Punks you have heard about on the interwebs. Their hair is too loud and their music is too bright. Their favorite activities are fighting fascists, painting pictures, and petting dogs. They started running games for 9th Level around 2005 and since then has become a leading cause of death for kobolds in the Midwest. Bug is now live and in full technicolor, ready and excited to kill your characters from the comfort of your own streaming device. Go ahead and take a Horrible Death Cheque.

Killer of Kobolds

BUG CARMEAN (they/tHem)

Patrick is a professional librarian who moonlights as a nefarious gamemaster several times a month for friends both local and remote. He favors spiked pit traps over unspiked ones, loves clever players, and even if he groans about it, enjoys when his plans unravel into chaos. Patrick is one of the original Maze Controllers for Mazes, has written and run a number adventures and is the lead writer on Mazes Books of Seasons (Books 5 through 9). Players enjoy Mazes games with Patrick because he isn't allowed to use dice as the Maze Controller and he has to start the adventure at the door, thereby short-circuiting his worst features as a game master.

Old School Maze Controller


Whitney Marie Delaglio is a game designer, artist, and creator of the brand Little Wish Productions. Her aquatic roleplaying game, Prism, focuses on sensuality, relationships, and conflict resolution. As a support class in the gaming community, she is an advocator of providing a safe space for intimacy, emotional vulnerability, and non-toxic bro culture.

Non-Toxic Bro


What is Graham? He is nor hand, nor foot, nor arm, nor face, nor any other part belonging to capitalism. He is a designer, writer, and collaborator. He is a teacher and a performer. He has run and played TTRPGs tirelessly since he was 10. They're pretty great, his games. Come join one. Prep is death. He is proud of “Wyrdspace,” his sci-fi action comedy comic book about isolation, identify, and destiny. He wrote "In the Tank" for 9th Level Games, a DMless storytelling game where players are collectively a colony of algae slowly gaining sentience and attempting to stave off death. What is in a name?

Thespian GM


He's sorta like that yin and yang of Elvira and Dolly Parton. He'll put a spell on you (literally and figuratively)!

Spoopy GM


Jon “The Kobold Dude” cut his teeth GMing games at a very early age.  He has been in several GMing competitions (even winning a few!), and runs a GMing challenge at some of his local gaming conventions: The RPG Pharaoh’s Challenge.  He can also be heard talking about gaming with his fellow hosts and even a kobold sidekick on the SwarmCast Podcast.

The Kobold Dude

jon maness (He/him)

Brian is a full time designer and developer, currently working on projects for Restoration Games. He's been running games for 9th level (Kobolds mostly) for about five years, and before that was a Game Master for Adventurer's League. He makes a mean bean burrito.

Tree Wizard

brian neff(He/him)

Jayson has been gaming for the better part of forty years, and he still doesn't have enough dice. He enjoys absurdist humor and likes to point out that he has not been eaten and replaced by a tree because trees aren't real.

Happiest GM Ever!


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