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THE EXCELLENTS is a light take on the Polymorph system - focused on ease of play - where the players take on the roles of the greatest Princesses in the Universe, using their amazing 90’s cartoon powers to overcome obstacles.  


Your party is tonight! Will it go down in history as the best party ever or be a total bore??  There will be surprises and tons of photo opps but be careful...disaster could strike at any moment!!!   A co-operative game of puzzle-solving strategy and party throwing insanity for 1-5 meeple!

In Schrödinger’s Cats players run experiments, form hypotheses, and try to one-up each other’s research. Players take on the role of a Cat Physicist such as Albert Felinestein, Sally Prride or Neil deGrasse Tabby! 

In KOBOLDS ATE MY BABY! you are a KOBOLD! Being cannon fodder has never been this much fun!  The Classic Game of Beer and Pretzels Roleplaying!

This is the first BIG sourcebook for the classic beer and pretzels role-playing game KOBOLDS ATE MY BABY!  This book requires KOBOLDS ATE MY BABY! IN COLOUR!!!

Knuckle Sammich is a fast playing game of take-that shenanigans, occasional yelling and delicious sammiches for 2–8 players. 

BEARICADES a forest themed tower defense game for 1 to 4 players. Use the powers of your forest creatures and recruit bears to BEARicade your forest from evil lumberjacks! Grrr!

HOT 16 is a party game about writing dope rhymes and spitting sick bars.


An anthology of RPG’s, story games, LARPs and other strangeness combining classic HORROR tropes with game mechanics inspired by the greatest horror of all – MIDDLE SCHOOL!

Adventuring like it was 1979, gaming designed for 2019. 

Each game of MAZES begins as you are about to set out into the darkness. You and your stalwart companions peer down the stairs winding into the abyss, or lifting a rusty portcullis into a secret passage, or opening a door into a labyrinth where they say power and glory lies…

POLYMORPH is designed to run fast paced, story driven, tabletop role-playing games.  It features an simple and elegant single polyhedral die resolution system, modern card powered character design, and group controlled resources - allowing for meaningful one-shot, convention, and campaign style play.

GOOD DOGS is a modern, occult horror game about survival, horror, and begin a GOOD DOG.  Players play Telepathic Dogs that have survived the real world apocalypse that was the Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster - and have become the guardians between the natural world and the otherworldly evil trapped at the heart of the radioactive nuclear core!

Expected SUMMER 2020

After Schrodinger's Cats we kind of had to do this one!   


Pavlov's Dogs is a pseudo-psychological card game of memory and conditioning. A fast, engaging game of following the rules and acting like fools! You'll be drooling for more! 


Iceburgh is a normal town like any other but it is built on ICEBERGS!  

You are construction workers using your savvy building skills to turn ice and wood into buildings to improve your town!

DIGITAL versions of 9th Level Games products and awesome content only available here!!!


...Food Truck Destruction Derby !! The Kobold:a totally expected parody!! A Game of Torgs!! Cupid Must Die! The Warlock's Apprentice!!!

Want some KING TORG (All Hail King Torg) dice? or pins?  Want some SCHRODINGER'S CATS pins? or tote bags? Want some cute KOBOLD meeples? or enamel pins?  LOOK NO FURTHER!!

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