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The Excellents

Roleplay as Excellent Princesses in an AWESOME cartoon world.


IT’S TIME TO PRINCESS UP! You’ve earned a sword! You’ve won a crown! Now you have a responsibility to help keep Awesome World awesome and safe. Are you PRINCESS enough?! Oh...did we mention the Princesses are in a band?

The Excellents is a tabletop roleplaying game set in Awesome World, a cartoon realm of fun and whimsy.


Each cartoon adventure is created by the players and Game Mistress (GM) working together. Regardless of experience level, anyone who has ever imagined playing as a character from classics like Adventure Time and Stephen Universe will love this light and collaborative narrative game.

Choose items that will help you out like shoes, a book and your princess crown. And you'll need to describe your beast friend, a loyal pet who will come to help you whenever things get tough!

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