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Kobolds Ate My Baby themed adventures


THE KOBOLD: A totally expected parody

...Of A Beloved Book That Has Been Expanded Into A Trilogy Of Movies And Which Inexplicably Is Not Called There And Back Again (Part One: There) - is an adventure for use with the Kobolds Ate My Baby!  Wherein, a wizard* comes to the hobbit hole Kobold Caves looking for some assistance on an adventure, and which is basically just an excuse to smoke pipes, eat food, and sing songs.  Kobolds will die, wizards will smoke pipes, and rambling prose describing the everyday life of a Kobold will be etched forever in your memory.


A Game of Torgs! A soup of Ice and Fire


 A Game of Torgs is a hungry man sized adventure for Kobolds Ate My Baby!  that will kill your kobolds faster than HBO! Only in Kobolds Ate My Baby! could you kill as many characters as George RR Martin, featuring the LARGEST Kobold Horrible Death Chart ever made - so big that you need percentile dice just to roll on it.  Join the battle and see how many player kobolds can get ground into a delicious paste in this 44 page all colour super-sized adventure.

The Warlock's Apprentice: Magic, Mystery & Mayhem

THE WARLOCK'S APPRENTICE!  MAGIC, MYSTERY AND MAYHEM FOR USE WITH KOBOLDS ATE MY BABY! IN COLOUR!!!  This 20 page supplment adds mystical and magickal ways to kill kobolds, including:

  • Kobold Random Horrible Death by Kuthobold!

  • Trash Heap Thaumaturgy (featuring dangerous and dastardly magic items like a Wand of Magic Whistles, Gauntlets of Ogre Magi, and the Manual of the Pains)

  • The Codex of Tabriz the Arcane (originally printed in Dork Tower #34), fully coloured, and updated for the new KOBOLDS ATE MY BABY! In Colour!!!

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