Level 1 2021

The 2021 issue of our anthology of indie RPGs published each year for Free RPG Day.


The indie RPG scene is a diverse, fascinating, and vibrant part of the TTRPG community. With Level 1: The Indie RPG Anthology, 9th Level Games brings together choice games from the world of indie RPGs in an annual collection published in time for Free RPG Day.


The theme for this anthology is Masks. It encompasses games about wild animals at a drag show, building cities out of dice, bumbling villains against comic book do-gooders, emotional robots, and much more!

With games by Adam Bell, Whitney Delaglio, Michael Fault, Zane Graves, Hosh Hittie, Tim Hutchings, N. Maxwell Lander, Mara Li, Tim McCracken, Nat Mesnard, Dawn Metcalf, RK Payne, Lysa Penrose, Helena Real, Jack Rosetree, Starshine Scribbles, Joel Salada, Alexi Sargeant, Scott Uhls, and Max V.




You can find the 2021 Level 1 Anthology in a local game store near you on October 16, 2021. Click through to learn more about this exciting annual event!