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9th Level Games is (left to right): Dan Hansen-Landis, Adriel Lee Wilson, Chris O'Neill, and Heather O'Neill.

Chief Operating Officer Adriel Lee Wilson (they/them) leads up production, and is the creative visionary behind The Excellents, Savage Sisters, and Monster Mix. A true reindeer bee at heart, Adriel brings to their publishing practice a wealth of game industry experience and a deep love for all things handmade.

Chief Creative Officer Chris O'Neill (he/him) is the creator of the polymorph RPG system and the original beer and pretzels roleplaying game, Kobolds Ate My Baby! A fan of all things nerd nostalgia, Chris is an inimitable host and community leader in the world of tabletop games.

Chief Executive Officer Heather O'Neill (she/her) is the lead designer behind Meeple Party, Schrödinger’s Cats, and Pavlov's Dogs. An avid game player, tennis player and cat lover, Heather also serves on the board of Unpub and consults with independent board game companies.

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Dan Hansen-Landis (he/him) is a mystery.

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