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BEARICADES a forest themed tower defense game for 1 to 4 players. Use the powers of your forest creatures and recruit bears to BEARicade your forest from evil lumberjacks! Grrr!

The Lumberjacks come in many varieties of evil: Sneaky Lumberjack, Dynamite Lumberjack, Chainsaw Lumberjack, Robot Lumberjack and more! Each having its own unique skill to get into your forest! Only your forest animals and their friends can stop them now!

BEARICADES is played in two phases: NIGHT & DAY. At night you recruit your forest’s predators to defend against the evil lumberjacks trying to enter your forest during the day. You’ll recruit predators such as The Wolf Pack, The Bat and many BEARICADES.  Place the Bearicades around your forest to literally barricade it from the evil lumberjacks!

You’ll need to use guile, strategy, and the powers of forest creatures to save your forest from evil lumberjacks. Can your forest survive hordes of evil lumberjacks the longest and avoid all the animals running away?

A Game by Todd Smith                               Illustrated by Chris O'Neill


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