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Awesome World

Roleplay in a whimsical cartoon realm full of friendship, music, and mystery. 


Welcome to Awesome World. Here princesses roam, druid scouts search the woods, and magical horses study the arcane arts at a boarding school by the sea.


This line of all-ages tabletop roleplaying games is cross-compatible, meaning you can play characters from any of its books in the same story!

Each book contains everything you need to play a one-shot Awesome World episode with your family and friends, including:

  • Character Sheet

  • How to Play

  • GM Guide

  • Example Adventures

  • Example Characters


Each book will also teach you about a different part of the realm, introducing you to new characters, settings, challenges, and opportunities for play!


Awesome World

Horseshoe Academy

Roleplay as magical horses at an AWESOME boarding school!

Awesome World

Nancy Druid

A polymorph TTRPG where you solve nature's cutest mysteries!

Awesome World

The Excellents

Roleplay as Excellent Princesses in an AWESOME cartoon world.